Welcome to Cross of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) Ministries. 

My name is Apostle and I founded this ministry in October 2015. Apostle is not my real name, but due to circumstances outside my control and security reasons, I am for now using my title instead of my given name. If circumstances changes, I will start using my given name instead.

Eph 4:11-13 teaches us there are some today who are Apostles and I am one of them. Do not confuse the office of an Apostle with the Apostles in the Bible. There were only 12 original Apostles, and they were the only one who had authority to write and decide what would later become the Bible we have today.

A modern day Apostle is a prophet, evangelist, teacher and pastor all rolled into one. He or she does not have special spiritual authority to decide on scripture or doctrine. He or she does not deserve special treatment, we are normal human beings who have answered a call from our God whos name is Yehovah.

I am also a Jew and a Choen (a Jewish priest), and because I believe in Yeshua as my Messiah this makes me a Messianic Jew.

Why I founded this ministry and why everything is free of charge

I founded this ministry October 2015 because I want everyone, regardless of their financial status, to receive free ministry. I do not believe its the will of Yehovah for someone to give a “love offering” to receive a prophecy. If you want to hear from God through a prophet, it should be 100% free of charge. I also do not believe its the will of Yehovah for someone to pay for / give a “love offering” for prayer. Prayer is and should always be free of charge. And I do not believe a ministry should charge money for access to teachings/ sermons/church membership.

When I founded this ministry, I was struggling financially myself. When you struggle financially there is so much chaos and stress in your life, so its hard if not impossible sometimes to hear from Yehovah for yourself.  I so desperately wanted a word, but every prophet asked for a “love offering”. I had to decide to give a “love offering” or to buy food and pay my bills, so I could not afford a prophecy.

Every sermon I heard in 2015 told me how I would be financially blessed if I tithed and gave to the work of the Lord. I also heard a lot of sermons telling me I could not be blessed if I did not give, and how I was robbing God. This is very hard to hear when you struggle financially and you simply do not have the money to tithe/give a gift AND pay your bills and buy food.

So there I was in desperate need of a word from Yehovah, feeling as if I could never be debt free because I could not afford to give a gift/tithe. Then I opened my Bible to see if all of this was true or not. I soon found learned how the Bible says we can only tithe in the temple in Jerusalem, and because the temple is gone it would be a sin for us to tithe today. And besides that, if the temple was still standing, we would only be allowed to tithe of our crops. The Bible never asks us to tithe our money. But it does ask us to support the work of God financially, but only if we can. We should never rob our own families and ourselves to give to God. If we need the money, its for us to use it on our families and ourselves to meet our own needs. But when we have met our needs, and if we have something left, then we should give it to God. If we rob our own families we are worse then an unbeliever. (1.Tim 5:8)

I could not find one ministry that provided free Biblical prophecy, free prayer, free counseling and free sermons. So I decided to found one myself, and so Cross of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) Ministries was formed October 2015.

Even though this ministry provides everything free of charge, I still have to pay my internet provider and Facebook to advertise. If you can help me cover these costs I would be very grateful. I cant promise you anything if you support this work financially, but what I can say is this: Your money will make it possible for more people to hear the Gospel and be saved. If you want to support this ministry I invite you to go to our Facebook page, and click donate. This will take you to a secure PayPal solution.

This is a one man ministry, I do not have any staff members, its just me.

Feel free to share / download and distribute every sermon you find in the online church. The only thing I ask is that you tell others about this ministry.