I am a Messianic Jew and I am called to the office of an Apostle. I founded this ministry in October 2015 because I want to give everyone the opportunity to receive ministry no matter their financial status. My goal for this ministry is to minister to people who feel unable to support us financially and to people who feel able to support us financially.

This ministry is a 1 man ministry right now. I do not have any staff members, it’s just me. And as of today, I have a full-time job besides this ministry so I can be able to support myself and my family.

Since October 2015 this ministry has grown beyond my wildest imaginations. And I am thrilled to be able to use my gifts to minister to people for free. But this growth has happened because Yehovah (God) has taught me how to advertise on Facebook.

The Gospel might be free of charge, but Facebook advertising is not free of charge. So far I have been able to cover the costs myself, and it is a blessing to know that my money makes it able for other people to become righteous and to receive free ministry.

I hope you see the importance of having a ministry where everything is free of charge. And I hope you will join me in making sure this ministry will be able to continue to offer free ministry.