Who are you?

How would you describe Judaism? I can remember when I first got saved in 2001 I was told Judaism was a dark, vengeful religion with tons of impossible rules and regulations. But Jesus came to set us free from the bondage of the law by giving us Christianity and grace. Is this what you would answer if someone asked you to describe Judaism? We can all agree on one thing, what we believe does not matter. What matters is what the Bible says and how the Bible describes Judaism.

Gal 1:14, Matthew 23:2, Mark 7:9 describes Judaism and Phariseeism as a religion based on man’s traditions, opinions, and laws instead of Gods law. So according to the Bible, Judaism has nothing to do with Gods law the Torah. So in a way, it is true that Judaism is a religion with tons of impossible rules and regulations because it is founded on man’s opinions and laws instead of being founded on Gods law.

In Rom 2:29 Paul says the true Jew is not the one who obeys man’s opinions and laws. The true Jew is the one who obeys Gods law the Torah. Isaiah 56:3 says the gentile who decides to serve Yehovah (God) by obeying His Torah will be considered a Jew and a member of Yehovah’s people. So we see from both Rom 2:29 and Isaiah 56:3 genuine Judaism has nothing to do with man’s laws and man’s opinions, but http://church.crossofchristlive.one/2018/10/23/who-are-you-really/

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