How to fight the good fight of faith

Do your prayers reflect who you are? Do your thoughts reflect who you are? On Friday we learned how Yehovah has chosen to be your God when He sees you deciding to live as a Jew being obedient to the Torah believing Yeshua died for your sins. If the one who made the universe and everything in it decides that He wants to be your God, it should give us a good reason not to worry about anything, but also to pray prayers and think thoughts that reflect who we belong to.

How often do you find yourself praying prayers of doubt and thinking thoughts of doubt? If you are a human being, it is my guess you have to admit you are praying prayers of doubt and thinking thoughts of doubt more then you would like to admit sometimes. This is not surprising considering most of us come from mainstream Christianity who teaches us to doubt God when they teach you to disobey the one thing that guarantees Gods help, the Torah.

You have a choice to make every day, and it is a choice between being a victim of your thoughts and emotions, or being in charge of your thoughts and emotions. Yes, I know that is sometimes easier said than done…d-fight-of-faith/

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