Do you worry sometimes?

Do you tend to worry sometimes?

I do not know if you are a parent, but what would be your reaction if your children constantly worried about what they were going to eat, where they were going to sleep and how they would pay their bills? It is my guess you would feel as if you had failed as a parent; children are not supposed to be worried. They are supposed to feel safe, secure, cared for and live a worry-free childhood.

Perhaps you are not a parent, how would you react if you saw children worried about what they should eat, how they were going to make ends meet and pay their bills? It is my guess you would not think too highly about their father. Perhaps you would even go as far as to say their father can’t be much of a father if his children are running around constantly worried and stressed out.

The Bible says in John 1:12, 3:16 if you have received Christ you are a child of God and God has become your Father. Do you live your life as Gods child the way you would have wanted your children to live their lives, free of all worrying and anxiety? Or do you find yourself more than one time worrying about money, your health, your future?

Do you worry easily about your future, health, and finances even though you consider yourself to be a child of God? How does this reflect on your heavenly Father when people around you see how you are easily worried? They would probably not think to highly…….Click here to read more

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