What covenant are you under?

If you were to ask a “mainstream Christian” how God meets their needs, they would say it is through faith in Jesus Christ and His death for our sins on the cross. Then they would go on to explain to you the “new covenant” how we can’t do anything to earn anything from God, but if we believe Jesus died for us, everything we need will be given to us by His grace. They would also warn you against trying to earn anything from God because if you do try to earn anything, you will be frustrating the grace of God. Let me ask you this question, do you see many Christians living carefree lives having all their needs met? Or do you see a lot of Christians living stressed out lives always struggling, never sure if they “have enough faith” so their needs can be met?

If we believe God meets our needs on account of our faith in Jesus and His death for our sins, we have to believe Jesus came to start a new religion called Christianity and made a clean break with His Jewish heritage. If we read the Gospels, we soon see how Jesus lived His entire life as a law-abiding Jew. The Bible is very clear that He never started any new religion called Christianity. Instead, He tried to clean up Judaism and show His disciples how to be righteous through Torah obedience.

You can’t deny what the http://church.crossofchristlive.one/2018/10/07/what-covenant-are-you-under/

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