Is it something you can do to hinder your prayers from being answered?

What do you expect Yehovah (God has a name, and it is Yehovah) to do for you? This one question will give millions of different answers dependant upon your life situation. Some need healing, some need money to pay your bills, others need direction and wisdom. But what happens if you dont get what you ask of Him? Do you get depressed, anxious and worrying or are you just as content with life even if He should say no? The way you answer this question decides if He will give you what you ask for or not.

When we have something in our lives, or we lack something that has the authority to decide our level of happiness, we have a god in our lives. Maybe you need healing right now, but if the fact that you are not healed has the authority to decide your level of happiness, healing has become an authority and an idol in your life.

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